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the Evil that Men do

On  page seventeen of philip Roth’s The Plot Against America, he writes:

I would have imagined Lindbergh's not mentioning the Jews in his acceptance speech to be a promising omen, an indication that he had been chastened by the outcry that had caused him to relinquish his Army commission or that he had changed his mind since the Des Moines speech or that he had already forgotten about us or that secretly he knew full well that we were committed irrevocably to America-that tough Ireland still mattered to the Irish and Poland to the Poles and Italy to the Italians, we obtained no allegiance, sentimental or otherwise, to those Old World countries that we had never been welcome in that we had no intention of ever returning to.  If I could thought through the meaning of the moment in so many words, this is probably what I would have been thinking.  But the men out on the streets thought differently.  Lindbergh's Jews was to them a trick  and no more, the initiation of a campaign of deceit intended both to shut up and catch us off guard.  “Hitler in America!” the neighbours cried.  “Fascism in America!  Storm troopers in America!”  After their bombing having gone without sleep all night long, there was nothing that those bewildered elders of ours didn’t think and nothing that they didn’t say aloud, with our hearing,  before they started to drift back to their houses (where all the radios still blared away), the men to shave and dress and grab a cup of coffee before heading for work and the women to get their children clothed and fed and ready for the day.

Charles Lindbergh is Philip Roth’s fascist-to-be in 1940s America.  The enemy: Jews.  Over the 1930s and 1940s it was not only Germany that created and preached anti-semitic sentiment, it was prevalent all throughout Europe. The onslaught against Jews everywhere reached new levels of depravity after the great war, or it is often referred, the first world war.  A media onslaught had became visibly more aggressive during this time.  Its aim?  Brainwashing people to despise Jews, and blame them for all society's ills.  The English newspaper, the Daily Mail, was one of these media outlets which attempted to create a frenzy against the great enemy.  Even Shakespeare wrote about the persecution of Jews hundreds of years ago: “He hath disgraced me, and hindered me a million, laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies, and what is his reason?  I am a Jew”.

Six million corpses later and the brainwashing media are a little different to the Weimar press.  Back then Jews were cast as the enemy, now the chosen foe is not a single ethnic or religious group but the impoverished poor: victims subject to the harsh conditions of the welfare state, asylum seekers, refugees and other life’s unfortunates.  Newspapers such as the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Times, the Daily Telegraph, all English newspapers, use this same methodology to instill fear and hate to the rest of the entire population.  Take immigration.

“We got is wrong on immigration”, say the British Labour Party.  Did they indeed?  It is interesting why they said this when they did. The population of England were overwhelmingly angry of the levels of immigration seen under this Labour Government.  They did not believe what they say for a second, but in order to be re-elected, they are willing to fabricate almost anything to get support from the “right wing” press.  Yet under this same Government there were horrific levels of abuse concerning these impoverished unfortunates.  

Amelia Gentleman, the Orwell Prize-winning Guardian journalist, is one of those rare finds who documents the appalling cases of abuse and suffering; her humanity and humility towards others is touching.  She recounted an abominable case, which for many, is very difficult to believe.  Believe it they should, for it is the truth. A young Moldovan girl, in fact a child is what she was, this child, at fourteen-years-old, who at the time, according to Gentleman, was:

Living with her mother in Moldova when two older men invited her and a friend to a birthday picnic in a nearby forest. Both girls were knocked unconscious, driven to Romania, blindfolded, taken across a river in an inflatable dinghy to somewhere in Hungary, dressed in dark clothes and made to walk through the forest across the border during the night, passing through Slovenia and arriving eventually in Italy.

They were sold onto two separate men. Katya worked first in a flat in Rimini and then on the streets of Milan. After some months, she managed to escape and was sheltered for a while in the Moldovan embassy there, when she discovered she was pregnant.

This was the start of the horror that was unfolding for Katya, for that was the child's name.  After reporting what had happened to the Italian police, she returned to Moldova where she was found by this gang, and killed her pet dog as punishment, raped and beat her.  A friend of hers has been murdered by one of these trafficking gangs.  The horror of trafficking happened once again for Katya while she was in Turkey, ordered to work in a nightclub and from there was taken to london.  Katya comments about the clients there: they're drunk, and just come and say, 'Give me this, that'. No one asks: 'How are you?'. Some of them asked, 'Why do you do this job?', but I wouldn't answer," she said, explaining that she was afraid that if she appealed to them for help, they might turn out to be friends with the trafficker.”  Fortunately for Katya the place was raided by the police, and because of threats of her Albanian captors, they had already killed her dog, so she only revealed snippets of information to protect her family.  In this wonderful country, her trafficker was permitted to visit her on eight separate occasions.  The next part of Katya’s story is truly sickening.

According to the girl, now an adult of course, said this some time later in court

They took me to a forest and I was beaten and raped. Then they made a noose out of rope and told me to dig my own grave as I was going to be killed.... They tied the noose around my neck and let me hang before cutting the branch off the tree. I really believed I was going to die. They then drove me to a house where many men were staying. They were all very drunk and took turns to rape me. When I tried to resist, one man physically restrained me and pulled my front tooth out using pliers.

But there is something missing, one may add.  How could this happen a third time?  There is a very simple answer to that question.  Britain, under the Labour Government sent her back to Moldova, in their impressive benevolence in responding to the sort of horrific abuse.  She survived this particular attack because of sheer luck.  They stopped attacking her because they thought she was still a commodity and they trafficked her to Israel where more systematic and malevolent abuse took place, before once again being taken to London.  There was another police raid, once again, like last time she was in police detention, that is how girls like this are treated by the benign Labour party.  And again, knowing the horrors she had experienced decided to return her to her home country, that was the decision, however because it may prove to be bad publicity, they gave her refugee status in Britain.  

The (Conservative) Home Office Minister, Damian Green,  who was in the post the time the Gentleman article was written, 2011, said the following: "The UK has become a world leader in fighting trafficking and has a strong international reputation in this field."  Yes, so maybe the Government did get it wrong on immigration.  

There are common arguments against letting foreign nationals into the country.  All of them flawed.  The first is that they are “benefit scroungers”, putting across the very idea that is wonderful to live in a world where they can live in mild poverty, well this is an argument that has been had had.  There is no truth in it.  Foreign nationals claiming asylum do not get the benefits the natives get, primarily it is food vouchers they are entitled to and perhaps enough money to pay part of their bills but the crass media do not give us this information.  In fact they misinform the public deliberately, and put them into a frenzy.  People reading the Murdoch press literally believe asylum seekers are getting hundreds of pounds a week, even thousands, but this is false.  They receive £37 a week.

The second argument is that they are “taking all our jobs”, again, the intention is to whip the population into a frenzy. The argument is then is “they are taking our jobs”, the Sun, the Daily Mail, and Daily express, preach this fanatical nationalism, without mentioning relevant facts.  These newspaper groups, at least journalists writing for them do, would prefer to close the borders and stop immigration completely.  Rupert Murdoch is Australian, David Cameron roots come from abroad, as does the former Home secretary and leader of the Conservative Party, Michael Howard, the former Labour Party leader, Edward Miliband’s father was Belgian, the list goes on and on.  There are a huge amount of footballers who are foreign nationals and sports personalities in general, without immigration, the N.H.S would collapse.  The number of foreign-owned companies is startling.  How many Chinese “chippies” are there, Indian and Pakistani off-licences, paper shops, take-away foods, how many taxi drivers are foreign nationals? There are professors working in the universities, are we to send all these rascals out of Britain?

So these villains are taking all our jobs.  If the savage media, the government and opposition are so hell-bent against immigration, why not send them all back?  Send all the doctors back, send the nurses back, close all the Indian and Pakistani eating establishments, close down every Chinatown in the country and close down foreign-owned companies like McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Ikea, kick out all the footballers who are not British, expel all foreign diplomats and ambassadors, that way there will be no more jobs left to steal.  At the same time, the country would barely exist anymore, the Treasury would lose hundreds of billions of pounds a year, the whole country would be decimated, state pensioners would get a fraction of the money they get today and many would die due to extreme poverty, there would be little money going into education, into the N.H.S, infrastructure, and soon enough the country would be no better than a third-world country.  People would be dying everyday in hospitals, in all hospitals in fact, wages would plummet to almost zero, most people would be homeless, children would be removed from their parents because they would be too poor to feed them.  Immigration has brought an exponential amount of benefits to the country, and this same savage media know as much.  

What is the third argument then?  They are taking our homes or houses.  Reports suggest, well not suggest but say that around 1 in 10 foreign born nationals live in social housing, so this whole xenophobic line that they are no houses or flats to live in because of immigration is a complete fallacy. Many immigrants are not even permitted to enter education or even work, and the slums in which these unfortunates are relocated is totally outrageous.  

One final point on this; the word “our” is illuminating here.  Just because you are born in the country or indeed any country, you are “our” and everybody else is “them”.  That you must be offered this job over “foreigners”, despite being indolent, insolent, unqualified and inexperienced and quite generally, a loathsome person. This is the argument of a fool.  These same fools have been discussing economic migrants and not the unfortunates claiming asylum for safety because they have endured terrible horrors beyond what most people can even imagine.  But why should “we” take these people, why “us”?

That is an interesting question.  The country, from the 21st century participated in the bombing of people’s homes in Afghanistan, Iraq, libya, and with the occupied territories, the British state, along with the U.S have created a mechanism to prevent peace, at the same time selling Israel weapons which are used to perpetuate the occupation-illegal under international law-as have the tens of thousands of settlements that have been built over a number of decades.  Why should Britain allow Afghans, Libyans, Iraqis and Palestinians across their border?

These “two-legged beasts”, as former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin refers to Palestinians, or rather perhaps Arabs in general, have been forcibly removed from their homeland with Full British backing and complicity, so when these Palestinians come to Britain what moral right do they have to refuse them? Well, they often do.  They are able to do so because what is really happening in Israel and the West Bank is a secret to many, because savage media groups choose not to report Israeli aggression.  

With Iraq and Afghanistan, well if you go bombing people's homes, again the following argument should be made: you have a moral duty to house these poor impoverished people.  It is as simple as that, with Libya, these rebels the Government supported, commit terrorist acts against the general population and this is well known, many of which are women. The “rebels” which the Government at the time supported commit shocking acts of violence against their own people, so when they come here from the prevention from being raped or tortured, Britain bears some culpability, it is the same with Syria. The two main political parties, or rather three, supported Bashar-al-Assad regime, as they supported Hosni Mubarak, the former President of Egypt, as the protests were raging, not  Prime Minister at the time but Tony Blair called him “a good man”, the same thing happened with Tunisia, Yemen and so on.  

These poor and impoverished people are just one aspect of these vicious attacks conducted by the media.  The second is the nation’s own citizens.  These are the country’s biggest unfortunates. It is the young, the disabled, the unemployed, the clinically depressed, single parents, jobless families, and working class communities in general.  first I would like to discuss single parents.

It is in the interest of the single parent not to work, if they do they will be robbed by the Government of almost every penny they earn.  They must pay income tax, council tax, rent,  they must pay to see the dentist, a doctor, pharmacist, but the most brutal thing of it all is the fees they are made to pay for  childcare.  There is a word people often use in the country, that word is freedom, but this freedom is without opportunity, and freedom without opportunity is not freedom at all.  These poor women are desperate to work, but if they do all their pennies will be removed from them.  It is as if they have a noose around their necks and they are just waiting for the nooses to tighten.  

They ought to get high paid paid jobs or enter higher education for this to happen, some may argue.  Indeed.  Can a single parent afford to get themselves into tens of thousands of pounds in debt?  The persistent tuition fees top-ups is a concerted effort in prohibiting working class people from going to university.  There is, for these people, little opportunity for work, little opportunity for education, and these single parents, mainly mothers, are living in a sort of Kafkaesque nightmare.  Many live in miserable poverty, they bring up their children and they too live in poverty, and so it goes.

These policies that are created, to many, remain a secret, because the savage media and corporate television media choose not to report it.  They, instead, choose to write about “benefit dodgers” and benefit cheats”.  To make matters worse, as if they were not already bad enough for these young mothers, they are being taxed, or rather, robbed further.  

It is not only single parents that just are affected either.  It is affecting the jobless and other vulnerable groups.  It is pushing people into unsavory areas, into slums, whose lives of appalling suffering is assured.  George Osborne, tells people to be up at 6am, looking for work.  This is from a man who has made more cuts than every hair dresser in Europe combined.  It reads like a dystopian science fiction novel.  You must look harder for jobs, yet where are these jobs, we may ask?  There are jobs, that is true.  These jobs, however, come in the form of temporary and part-time work and “zero-hour contracts”.  Of the full-time vacancies, if one is lucky enough to get one of these, the person will hold on to it as if they were holding on to life itself.  This is the rub.  The employer can make unacceptable demands, treat you like a dog, what is the employee going to do, leave?  A situation has now been created and now, finding a full-time job is like finding a treasure chest full of gold.  While at the same time, legal aid has been cut, so you are no longer liable to get legal aid if you are unfairly dismissed.  

VAT is now 20%, and that is designed to make the poor pay tax. Put it in this context, the poor pay more tax per income earned than any other people.  When work does turn up, it is always in some cancer factory like McDonalds, Burger king or Pizza Hut.  It is these people who have ceased to be human beings.  They live like robots and still can barely afford to live. This is the kind of society that is being created by these these loathsome free market fundamentalists.  

In 1933 Adolf Hitler Was democratically elected chancellor of Germany.  Paul Joseph Goebbels became Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda in 1933, controlling the press, radio and all aspects of culture; Hermann Wilhelm Goering became the Commander of the German airforce in 1934.  He founded the gestapo which he headed until 1936;  Karl Adolf Eichmann was responsible for carrying out Hitler’s Final Solution, administering concentration camps; Walter Richard Rudolf Hess was the deputy leader of the Nazi party from 1934-1941.  Heinrich Himmler led the SS from (1929-45) and the gestapo (1936-45 )

David Cameron assumed the premiership in the United Kingdom in 2010.  Ian Duncan Smith became the Secretary of State for Works and Pensions (DWP);  George Osborne held the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer; William Hague, the foreign Secretary; Theresa May, the Home Secretary; Michael Gove, the Education Secretary

There are a lot of similarities between Adolf Hitler and David Cameron.  The German Chancellor was democratically elected and David Cameron’s party received more votes than any other political party in the country; he became Prime Minister.  But of course Hitler was never re-elected but still carried on ruling Germany.  Gillian Tett of the Financial Times, has spoke of “technocratic governments”, in abolishing what she calls democracy, and replacing it with a government, so they are able to deal with the markets.  It is clear though David Cameron, right from the outset never had the authority to terrorise the population and others like Hitler did.  Britain has functioning democratic forms and factions.  The police have a code of conduct which they are supposed to abide by, as do prisons, schools, the law courts and so forth.  Britain has civilised European neighbours, as well as the European court, the World Court of Justice, the United Nations, the Hague, the International Criminal Court, and so on.  If David Cameron even attempted Hitler’s terror, he would soon be removed from his position and thrown in prison.  

Instead David Cameron does enough to terrorise the wretched poor, and attempts to justify such actions, as not to fall foul of the law.  Corporate television media and the mainstream press is already under virtual control of corporate groups and to a lesser extent, the Government.  The BBC, is state controlled, to varying degrees.  Under this Government Chris Patten was the chairman of the corporation, a man who was a Conservative Member of Parliament and a crazed Thatcherite.  When cuts were announced they mentioned the BBC as being a “government department”.  Greg Dyke, lost his job at the BBC because he had an independent voice.  Dissident voices in the BBC is strictly forbidden.  

Instead of creating gas chambers, labour camps, death squads and so on, David Cameron instead has created economic genocide, forcing people into a hellish poverty, taxing the poor, forcing the desperate out on the streets, cutting money to education, the social services, annihilating the N.H.S, privatising public services, the N.H.S is no longer about helping people, it is about big private power accruing stupendous profits and persecuting the poor who use the service.  Education is no longer about education; it is about greed.  The “free schools” are a perfect example of this, as are the top-up in tuition fees,  and Toby young, who does not call himself a madman, certainly sounds like one when he propagates these free school policies.  The welfare state is no longer about protecting the vulnerable, it is about liquidating and privatising the lot of it. Foreign aid is no longer about helping deprived and poverty-stricken countries, but has more to do with foreign investment and trade deals, many prisons are now privatised, as is much of the probation service, even the police.  Everything has been privatised apart from terrorism and that has been nationalised.  David Cameron then, plays the part of Adolf Hitler.

Ian Duncan Smith parades around like he is a moral crusader.  His job: to help the poor and impoverished, in fact he is playing the part of Joseph Goebbels himself.  He introduced a “bedroom tax” to tighten the noose on the miserable poor, he has capped benefits which is pushing many young people onto the streets, forcing the disabled, the clinically depressed on job seeker’s Allowance, the Universal Jobmatch has been setup to monitor people and get access to their online activity which is illegal under European and international law, this Orwellian idea was introduced without a hint from the media, the miserable poor are also being forced to pay council tax too.  The young are bearing much of the attacks.  The Goering sadist has  a favoured discrimination law, against is the young, which is why, if you are under 35, you get a pittance of money to pay your rent if you are out of work, so little in fact that if you don’t work, it is at home with your parents or on the streets, or perhaps they can go to hostels with maniacs, drunkards, heroine addicts and scoundrels.  Ian Duncan Smith is the Propaganda Minister in all but name, inducing people that he doing his best to help the poor, when in reality he is giving them a death sentence.  

George Osborne, has a kind of evil lurking within him.  Instead of death squads butchering people on the streets, George Osborne who plays the part of Heinrich Himmler, employs economic death squads.  VAT rose to 20%, as to force the poor to pay more tax, and the rich paying less, cut income tax for the wealthy, but not for the poor and creating tax havens for the millionaires.  

Cutting public services is a form of terror, of oppression, of ethnic cleansing.  Every on the nefarious government is based on money, capital and stupendous profits.  Anybody not fitting in with this framework is eliminated from society, that roughly is what fascism does.  Hitler eliminated Jews, blacks, Slavs, the sick, the infirm, the disabled and so on.  George Osborne playing the part of Himmler does not have the support of gassing and torturing people so instead he uses economic warfare as a viable alternative.  We are all in it together, so the saying goes.  They somehow justify economic warfare, something this Himmler calls cuts.

At least 100 billion pounds a year is lost through tax evasion/avoidance.  That would pay off the deficit and the cuts would be unnecessary.  In their first five-year term they spent around 20 billion terrorising Afghanistan alone, the imperial family are paid huge amounts of money, stolen from the taxpayer of course.  Bankers bonuses and extortionate wages are acceptable, yet the wretched poor and their lavish lifestyles are not.  Billions a year are spent on neo-liberal institutions like the European Union, the IMF and the World Bank, not to mention terrorist organisations like NATO.

This economic warfare, an extension of class warfare is successful because the British electorate are far more docile today than at any other time in history.  Not until large amounts of the population sign petitions, write letters of complaint, demonstrate in their tens of thousands, will things change.  The church, charity organisations, volunteer groups, NGOs, influential public figures all have a duty to speak out against these social Darwinist designs.   George Osborne has a lot in common with Heinrich Himmler.  Osborne likes his favoured brand of death squads, in the form of economic terrorism.

William Hague acted as Cameron’s bulldog, fighting his battles abroad.  His boss had no idea what to do abroad.  William Hague playing the part of Herman Goering.  This man bent Cameron’s ear on bombing Libya, destroying the country’s infrastructure.

A stupendous amount of Conservative members of Parliament have been keen to exit the European Court of Human Rights and the European Union completely.  Reasons for these things are seldom reported in the mainstream and corporate television media, but the reasons are obvious.  The Government believed there were too many rights, too many liberties democratic freedoms and human rights.  They would like to curtail them which is why they wish to pull away from such institutions.  

William Hague as Goering, acted as a hawkish anti-European.  Pulling out of the European court means the lack of maternity rights, paternity rights, worker rights, dismantling the labour laws, for example making it easier for employers to sack people.  It is about squashing people’s rights slowly.  The European Court of Human Rights exists to make sure countries like Britain do not violate and flounder international law. In Ecuador, during this time and and indeed after it, prisoners, all prisoners have the democratic right to vote, and so they did, most of which voted for Rafael Correa.  In Britain, such luxuries remained outrageous.  Margaret Thatcher outlawed prisoners’ voting rights in the 1980s.  David Cameron, in parliament, even went so far as to say “it makes me feel physically ill”, giving prisoners the vote, ignoring the European Court.  If the law is broken by the general population, they go to prison if the crime is serious enough, when government do it they get fines issued by the European Court. 

When the Conservatives were in opposition Liam Fox was the shadow Health Secretary, but even by his standards, his social Darwinism went too far: he wanted to create an American-based healthcare system based on insurance.  In other words, if you are poor, you will not get any access to healthcare treatment, David Cameron put Andrew Lansley is his place, five years later when they were elected lansley unveiled his horrific ideas for the NHS.  labour started the privatisation project under Blair, but he would take it much further than that.  He was comfortable giving four-fifths of the NHS budget, 80 billion pounds to general practitioners, coercing them to act as accountants.  They then would use this money to buy the patient's’ treatment.  It was based on competition,and the Mps could, if they wished, make financial gains by such transactions, and private companies would bid on patients’ treatment, the lowest bidder wins, which means the most inadequate treatment.  These reforms were so “complicated”, nobody understood them.

An apartheid system has been created in Britain.  But it is worse than that.  It is Social Darwinism in its purest form.  The rich have the greatest healthcare in the world; the poorest the worst.  Yet it is always accepted.  Britain is in the grip of fascism, and this does not come in the form of Tory Ministers but the free market itself.  It is not gas chambers, death squads and the like.  For the idea is simple, to quote a  Greek communist, “die, or be killed”.
5th-10th March, 2013


Since this was written a great deal more has happened and this warfare has reached sporadic levels.  In August of 2015 I signed a petition with some 300,000 others to get data released from the government.  This data was on deaths of welfare recipients after being declared fit for work: 10, 600 died after the first six-weeks.  Yes, ten-thousand-six-hundred people.  But it gets worse.  As a direct consequence of the government's actions over 81,000 welfare recipients died.  One young man, Mark Walsh, had starved to death.  After the police came to his bedsit they found half of a banana in his fridge.  He had starved because he was no longer able to get a taxi to shop for food, as he was physically disabled.  The government reduced his money to just £40 a work, and he had no family or friends and died alone.  This is one case of very many.  This is not a welfare program; it is a eugenics program.  A social darwinist experiment to eradicate degenerates and useless and worthless beings.  What has been created is year zero: there exists only work and death.  Who is to blame: you and me and everybody else in this pitiless and worthless country.  

"The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed."

Adolf Hitler

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