Saturday, 12 December 2015

Priests of Science

Organised religion is a rather detestable thing and so are the people that give sermons on it.  These Christian preachers know there is no God; their main desire is to contrive this fraud, to conduce the naive to serve God.  At any one time in history, recent history, we can say the world is not as religious as it was ten-years ago, or perhaps the world was not as irrational as it was ten years ago. It is just another area of authoritarianism, a way of controlling, dominating and manipulating young people.  It also helps the state’s cause to monitor these people.  If these followers of this perverse religion follow the principles of the Bible, they have no principles of their own, and therefore authorities will cherish them for they need not read their subversive minds; their thoughts and beliefs have all been written down in a book!

These priests, these vicars think they are scientists, men of science, men of rationality, of reasoning, of enlightenment; this is the new trend with these men of God.  Why do this?  The answer is rather easy: in 1859, Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species appeared in print for the first time, it scandalised the church and destroyed its irrational and deranged notions of supernatural absurdities.  Ever since then new creative ideas have been expressed by the church.  They have come up with such imbecilic nonsense like “God created evolution”.  If every man and woman were asked to write his or her top thousand most ludicrous things, it would not surpass this in its idiocy.  These men of God call themselves reasonable; there is no reason behind this blatant stupidity.

The Old Testament is perhaps the most bloodthirsty book, or rather, series of bloodthirsty books ever written.  Actually, no other book or series of books comes close to the violence and terror we see in the Old Testament.  Charles Darwin comes along and introduces a new “theory” on the evolution of man, in fact it is no longer considered a theory, indeed it is more than that; it is factual.  Yet these priests of science still argue these absurdities.  Let us, as reasonable and rational people, ask these priests of science some questions.  Did God create man? Moreover, for that matter, woman too?  God created man but not jellyfish, dinosaurs, elephants and tigers.  That is totally implausible.  For it is clear man evolved from other life forms, thus disproving the existence of the Christian God, Jehovah.

This is the status quo.  Therefore, these men of science have to create another web of lies to control and manipulate the population.  “We do not take the Old Testament literally anymore”, so they say.  They have to think up of new ways to con people, this is when they become priests of science; they attempt to integrate science and Darwinism into the Bible.  Whoever heard of such a thing?  God created man, yet the earth is only six-thousand years old.  Can a single rational person believe this is possible in the modern world?  It is possible, and more.  Well over one billion people believe in this absurdity; one billion! Perhaps this should be incorporated in the Theatre of the Absurd. 

It is not even about God anymore.  They, these priests of science, like to set certain rules or principles on the naive and gullible, those that have lost hope, and those that have problems with their own existence.  They like to instruct them on morality, abortion, the holy land, marriage, the evils of homosexuals and homosexuality, family values and so on. 
This is what we are told is Christian morality.  Forcing a set of values upon “the bewildered herd”, to borrow a phrase from Walter Lippmann.  “Love thy neighbour”, “murder is a sin” and so on, yet the God almighty himself is immune from these principles.  As is well known, God, in the Old Testament, drowned the whole of humanity-apart from a few fortunates-the entirety of civilisation were wiped out because of God’s genocidal whims, yet these priests utter patent garbage saying “murder is wrong”, well condemn your God to begin with.  Christian moralists condemn bad behaviour; they condemn violence, bad language and nudity in cinema and elsewhere. They teach the youngsters and the impressionable about hell, the Devil and eternal damnation. 

This is nothing more than child abuse, and these priests of science know as much.  If your child has the temerity to think of God and myths surrounding him, if your child has the capacity to think independently and not to think of religion and the gods, if your child can cast away base ideas represented in the Bible, these priests of science must whip them into frenzy.  They will scare the life out of these children; have them believe they are going to the lowest and the darkest pits of hell, more hellish than Dante paints in his Divine Comedy.  Their desire to instil ultimate fear into the child until they succumb will never stop being tormented by these priests of science.  This is how these men induce people to join their perverse organisation.  This is why there are so many Christians in the world.  There are so many because of the manipulative practices that are used.  Threats of terror, fear and eternal damnation just being some of them. 


All human life is sacred, they tell us.  Yet, what they do fail to tell us is that God does not hold all life to be sacred.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  God, as we have already seen, was happy to destroy almost the entirety of humanity.  Nevertheless, these priests of science still maintain all life is sacred.  Therefore, these men would prefer women give birth to a baby she was adamant she did not want.  Perhaps she was a victim of rape, or worse: child abuse.  No matter, these priests of science care little about that.  In fact, they are often the abusers of these children themselves.  However, women must not have abortions, no matter what!  It is possible the mother is a drug addict; the father a brute and a drunk.  No matter, these priests of science care little for such things.  They would prefer the child to suffer, suffer at the hands of useless and worthless parents, because, of course, they care nothing for the child, they just care for the Bible, which, no doubt, they masturbate over each night, that is if they do not spend their time abusing children.

Yet these priests of science still speak of morality, virtue and other things they claim they possess.  “Abortion is wrong and child abuse is wrong unless we do the abusing”.  This is their logic, and quite a perverse logic it is too.  Yet how can this be justified? To tell these women with low levels of self-esteem, who have no confidence whatsoever in themselves, with little hope, that they must give birth to a child they utterly despise.  This is where the priests of science come in.  They bring the most desperate, impoverished and disadvantaged in society and force their obscene views on them, and think nothing of it.  These Christians will do as you instruct them; the horrors at Waco tell us as much.  Telling grown women they must not have an abortion is wicked; it is totally outrageous.  Yet in modern society, people think nothing of it.  People leave these priests of science to it.  Is it sensible that a failed state should be a parent to another?  Surely if this was the case, the state would be as bad, if not worse, than the parent. 

The Holy Land

Go to Israel and see these ultra-orthodox Jews applaud the subjugation of Gazans and what do some of these religious lunatics say? Let God decide, while the state of Israel extends their territories further and further and inevitably, their bombings.  They call it the “Jewish state”, plenty of pleasantries for the Jews and for people who pretend to be Jewish but misery for everybody else.  This is what the state of Israel calls “liberal democracy”.  There is more democracy for women in Saudi Arabia, and they are amongst the most oppressed in the world.  It is the “holy land”, and people continue to utter this two-word phrase.  It should not be uttered; it ought to be abolished immediately.  By calling it the “holy land” is every justification for the state terrorists in Israel to murder, rape and torture with impunity. 
The word “holy land” is used so often that people say it without even realising.  Yet these priests of science, who go on about helping those who need it, helping the poor, the forgotten, the homeless, well this is just untrue.  They do not always help these people, and it is a scandal they do not, they seldom speak out about the collective punishment of the Palestinians who are subject to the most terrible abuse, these are the forgotten, the homeless, and the foreigners in their own land.  They are, what Orwell may call unpeople.  They do not exist; their suffering is of no concern to these priests of science.  Yet, despite this, they still preach about Christian morality.  What is often disgraceful about their conduct is that they side with the aggressor, with the terrorists, with the lunatics who bomb sleeping children, and why?  It is nothing more than that perverse word, “religion”, “Jesus” and the “holy land”.  It ought to be the church's responsibility to speak out for people all over the world. 

Marriage and Family Values
Priests of science are forever prattling on about family values, yet these men do not speak of the church’s values.  What are the church’s values?  “Thou must discriminate against homosexuals”, “thou must abuse children”, and the most important one: “you must do as we say”.  Typically, the family must be in chains and cut off from any sort of independent thinking whatsoever, for they must be Christians who bring up their children in the Christian tradition.  It is perfectly acceptable, so we are told, to bring up your children as Christians, but what about the atheist tradition, the Marxist tradition, the existentialist tradition, or perhaps the postmodernist position.  They speak of Christian values, of parents sending their children to faith schools in order to be brainwashed.  Suppressing and oppressing women as the church always has done, and always will.  How many female popes can we name, how many archbishops, how many cardinals?

These priests should be the last people in the world to lecture on family values and marriage.  Yes, the Christian church says you may get married, but gay marriage is forbidden because of homophobic fanatics.  Some of these priests of science even forgive homosexuals for taking part on this illicit activity; how courageous of them, how noble, how benevolent.  Right Wing politicians in the United States often speak of homosexuals being “cured”, yet nobody speaks of their deranged ideologies being cured, their distorted thinking, their belligerence for abolishing the welfare state, or wanting to, for privatising public services, nationalising terrorism and so forth.  If people want to believe they have freedoms, that is all fine and good.  Nevertheless, these Christian moralists cannot even say as much.  They are controlled by priests of science.  They must adopt these so-called family values and strict rules on marriage.  Do Christians even pray anymore?  Only the fundamentalists pray today.  Maybe Nietzsche was right when he said Jesus Christ was the only Christian that ever lived, and he was Jewish.  This is, of course, if he did exist, and there is no evidence to suggest he did. 

16th December 2012


  1. What do you think of Christian anarchists such as the anabaptist community?

    1. Also what of the unitarian church? Or the Catholic Workers Group?

      I would posit these people all have a sincere faith, and yet tend to act in an overall respectable way, even if I do not agree with all of their tenets.

    2. I agree with what you say but religion makes people act like barbarians, decent people act and think like barbarians I should say but that is not really the issue. Anarchism, or at least part of it is about freedom and removing the shackles of coercion that is why I think religion, all religion is regressive.

      People need their own book of values and principles and if they need guidance they have heir own coscience, brain and heart.

      To answer your question I think the church and members of it have done some fabulous things.In the 1980s, the Reagan administration set out to destroy Latin American Catholicism because it was helping the poor and indigenous groups and they had Utopian ideals and practices, all this while death squads, supported and aided by Reagan were slaughtering everybody in sight. So when Reagan says he is a man of God that is a cruel joke.

    3. Overall I agree that religion can be an oppressive thing, but it CAN in the right circumstances provide freedom in a way. It is a very interesting subject. You could write a book alone on how Christianity helped overthrow the Roman Empire and help fashion the anarchist movement of Europe in the 19th century.

      And then you could also write a book how it strengthened the Roman Empire and crushed the anabaptist movement hahahaha.

      I love religious history, especially coming from a secular framework. It is as complicated as man itself ;)