Saturday, 27 June 2015

re-election of a Psychotic Fanatic

Gideon Levy, the Israeli journalist wrote 'Netanyahu deserves the Israeli people and they deserve him.'  He was of course referring to his election win.  He later says in the article, writing for the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz,  that Netanyahu is seeking to emulate David Ben Gurion.  If so, Netanyahu will become the longest serving Israeli prime minister in their entire history.  The Israeli prime minister  first came into power in the 1990s and some twenty years later, or there abouts, he still remains.  That is not to say he held power for all those years, he has not.  He is haunting the Palestnians with such rhetoric as 'there will be no Palestinian state'.  Even by Western standards he is  extreme.  There are three sides to Netanyahu.  The first is the lunatic: this is his rhetoric on Iran.  He, recently compared them with ISIS and this is absurd even from him.  Who have Iran, say over the last ten years bombed, invaded, attacked? The only people they have assaulted and abused is their own citizens.  In fact the only country in the entire region who have launched fierce attacks against other countries is Israel itself.  They do not threaten counties with state-terrorism, they do it.  Murdering children, which they clearly target more than others.  The second side to Netanyahu is the war criminal, just touched on of so there is no need to proceed any further.  The third side to the Israeli prime minister is his own very brand of propaganda which would make even Goebbels applaud, notice the irony here.

19th March, 2015


  1. At least they think they should have only a small portion of the world, modern day Israel.

    Compare that to Islamists, that think the entire world must be ruled by God's law, and any other law is unislamic.

    The crazy Jews just want to control Israel, the crazy Muslims want to control the entire world.

    1. It is funny how you mention Jews because I did not mention Jews in this post.