Saturday, 27 June 2015

Defunct Moral Decline

The country is in a frenzy, or at least soon will be.  That is in Britain of course.  The reason is what people refer to as 'the general election'. The dispossessed, the downtrodden, unemployed, despised, inevitably will not vote, neither will much of the population.  In the northwest of the country very few will vote the Conservatives, and this is very well-known.  Can anybody name a single Conservative Member of Parliament elected in Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, that is a Conservative MP? No.  Because there is not one.  Whoever is elected, and it makes little difference who is, there will be a sort of war, as there is already.  Who can beat and destroy the downtrodden the most? It is the case with the Nazis or the Fascists, who to pick? Well, the truth is it does not make a huge difference because they are both, or rather all are playing the same ferocious game on who can make people's lives the most unbearable. This is not represented in the mainstream press of course, and why would it? That is frivolous talk.  Class warfare is not only restricted to the Conservatives, but extends to the other parties, and they have shown how savage they can be.  This Government, an illegitimate one, has condemned a higher education system for the elite, the public sector workers have been bruised and battered; pensions have been robbed, in the process they are to work longer hours and draw their pension later.  This is how a government applauds its nurses, teachers and so on.  The poor creatures subjected to the harsh conditions of the welfare state also have had a vicious war launched against them with the full complicity of the media, the immigrants as well, are punished even more so.  It is a truly hideous political system that has been imposed on all of us by all of us.  Most countries, or rather all of them, barring Britain, progress in some way, even Saudi-Arabia and the Islamic fanatics have progressed in some way but it is not the way in Britain; there has been no progression.  In fact the opposite is the case: things have gone more backward and of the people that have been utterly repressed, oppressed and suppressed, they are not even aware of this fact which tells you a great deal about the 'democratic' system.  'Parliamentary democracy', said Tony Benn, 'is a sham'.  A sham it is and far more besides.  Tens of people commit suicide in prison each year but few of us are aware of it because it seldom gets reported, the baleful practices of the social services seldom gets reported, the lack of liberties, civil rights of the country are ignored.  But people will think of the election and vote for a sociopathic sadist, reducing their freedoms and rights even further.  We must not think about that though.  We must think about who will be the best leader, Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini.

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