Saturday, 27 June 2015

Westminster vs ISIS

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Barbarism', is a word often used by members of Parliament at Westminster to describe ISIS or ISIL, but interestingly enough they do not use this term or even terms or phrases synonymous with it to describe the other two largest barbaric terrorists in the Middle East: Israel and Saudi Arabia.  The difference is the two states have been terrorising women, children and Arabs for decades; Saudi Arabia in fact has been at it for hundreds of years.  Silence not only permeates the lips of the hypocrites at Westminster either;  they also are complicit in the state terror the two states are involved in.  Saudi Arabia of course treats women as Israel treats Arabs: worse than animals. The country is run by autocratic wahbbi sadists.  Women even need permission from a male to enter education, they are unable to leave the country unless a male relative consents.  They are not permitted to drive of course, and when they are raped, the punishment falls heavily on the women and the men are the victims.  For adultery women are stoned to death and so it goes.  With Israel they take delight in barbaric acts against the Arab population who are 'two-legged beasts', to borrow a phrase from Menachem Begin.  In the last fourteen years there have been seven 'operations' which have led to thousands murdered by the Israeli Defense Force.  Every day is a struggle. torture is rampant in the prisons, houses and settlements are routinely destroyed, creating thousands of refugees.  The so-called peace plans are a charade, and are scuffled by fanatics like Netanyahu and Sharon.  There is not one ounce of criticism from the politicians at Westminster on these people and their actions.  Their terrorism, eventually becomes our terroroism.  It is a war being waged by all of us against all of us.
28th March, 2015

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