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Today it is considered decent to be a Catholic, as it is considered decent to be a Jew, a Christian and so forth. Like all these other fairy-tale religions, Catholics preach nonsense by very frivolous people. A clear distinction must be made from the outset: these frivolous people I speak of are not the general population, here I speak of figures of authority. The people on their pedestal tell impressionable and vulnerable people how to think.  It is fascinating to ponder the following: if child abuse were met with total impunity, would priests admit to such things in their speeches?  Well, it is true if you do want to sexually abuse a small child and get away with it, become a Catholic priest. 

A statement like this is controversial; yet it should not be. As the priest, the Catholic priest who chooses not to abuse children, they still commit the ultimate crime: silence, and then go through huge lengths to cover the abuse up. They are clearly extremely angry and upset at their colleagues’ for one simple reason: they were caught.  Catholicism ought to be banned outright, and so ought all other sun-god worshipping religions.  Without that, people will never be free; men and women will never be free as long as you have these churches telling them how to think, what values they should have, on what is good and bad. They tell their faithful followers’ child abuse is bad...when done by others.  Only the Catholic Church has the authority to carry out such heinous crimes. 

The catholic priest knows what he says is perverted rubbish; they no longer even believe what they say.  Every catholic priest lies, that is a truism that everybody ought to know. In the 20th century, the Russians said, at least some of them did, “all power to the Soviets” (and not to people), these catholic priests, menaces of religion, would desire all power to be with the Catholics. They preach their obscene morality and tell everybody to practise it.  The people this wretched lot fear the most are not Muslims or Jews, or any other religious groups.  It is atheism they despise.  The reason is simple.  Atheism finds ultimate freedom in the individual, and allows them to think independently and for themselves. They do not have a guiding authority that tells people how to think, how to behave, how to act and so on.

These Catholic priests still rage against abortion. To have an abortion, is immoral, they say. Abortion is a very important issue, and at least to me, it seems puzzling why these Catholics have such zeal and passion against women’s desire to have the freedom to remove an unwanted foetus.  Is it necessary to force a woman to keep a baby she does not want?  What sort of people utter such garbled rubbish?  The potential parents’ maybe alcoholics, child abusers, drug dealers, violent lunatics and so forth. Any decent person would prefer the unborn child to remain unborn rather than live a life of total and utter misery. The victim of incest or rape by a stranger, who falls pregnant, what do they say? She should keep the baby and be done with it. These morals they preach are fit for the garbage bin of history.

Yet these Catholic priests do not hide their identity either. Indeed, they are not ashamed to be called a “Catholic priest”. How do these same priests feel when they see two men or women holding hands in the street?  With utter disgust and repugnance.  The Bible says so and so, so there therefore they must think it and practice it.  These priests take a strong disliking to the idea of marrying the same sex in their beloved churches.  These catholic priests are not only homophobic; they are also misogynistic and biased towards others in a vast manner.  

Mary Whitehouse, that staunch catholic, loathed homosexuality.  She also talked of homosexuality and its depiction on film and television, arguing that if they must partake in such sordid activity; let it be kept away from our sight. She was a Catholic, that is true, and with very perverse and obscene ideas on a number of issues. She would be well placed in modern-day America.  It comes to that issue once again: putting morality over art. These people do not like art because it frees people, but they lay the claim that they do not want it to corrupt society. In other words, people choose what they have an interest in not based on their likes but on their religion!  It is the “good book” which we ought to call evil; it teaches us how to think, how to feel, shapes our opinions and so forth

The catholic priest dedicates himself to subverting the public mind, and it has an enormous effect, just as the Rabbi does when he subverts the public mind, as is the same with an Imam. What do these wretches of authority have in common?  People, whoever they are, would struggle to name a female Imam.  Women outnumber the male population, but because these sun-god worshippers are so misogynistic, these women are nowhere to be seen. They must be kept away from positions of authority and power.  Yet people continue to take these religions seriously. 

Here comes the Shepard whipping his sheep, he whips him into frenzy; he does not stop whipping them until they go in the direction he orders them.  He is not happy until his orders are followed. The shepherd here resembles the Catholic priest that whips his docile followers into a crazed frenzy. Their personal views must be as perverse as his must; he will not be content until he has achieved this goal.  This is why the government, all governments are enthusiastic in getting people into church, what they despise is independent thinking. The church prevents freethinking, it also prevents intellectual freedom, and it does this by teaching perverse morality. They argue against atheism, and lay the claim it is the people of faith that give more of their hard-earned money to charity. 

This is an interesting argument, and I am keen to argue it further.  Let us give these pretentious moralists the benefit and say it is true what they say, that these lost souls give more to charity than freethinkers, well, why is this?  It is not because they are more altruistic, it is because they are told to do it.  It is not a question of them caring for the suffering in the world, because they are only required to do it through religious teachings, and they will do it, that is all. They do not give because, as is often said, people of faith are more predisposed to give to charity because they are more charitable than atheists, that is false. 

On the other hand, atheists give to charities, volunteer groups and NGOs, because they want to, not because some oppressive and tyrannical religious text tells them to do so. They have the freedom to do this. They have the freedom to decide, sun-god worshippers, so it seems, have no freedom where this is concerned, they think they are free but they are not. They will only be partially free when they shake of the shackles.  These people must join a group or organisation, they must!  The government, the church, figures of authority are terrified of people shaking off repressive authority, because while they are part of these groups, their thoughts are controlled, and they will not get funny and suspicious ideas about criticising the government, outside the strict narrow framework that is permitted, anything beyond that and grave levels of concern are shown. 

It is rather disgraceful to have these rather large Catholic churches when thousands of men and women and even children are living rough on the streets.  What ought to happen is these churches should be turned into homes for the homeless.  Any decent society would do this.  If a Catholic wishes to prey they can do it in the luxury of their own home. They should be content at that. If Catholics must exist in society, at least they should not attend these places to worship their God, preventing the homeless of acquiring shelter.  They give to charity and yet are quite happy to see the homeless trowel the streets in awful conditions.  The followers of Catholicism or the followers of any religion are not able to think for themselves, so we must treat their views cautiously.  We must treat their views the same way we deal with a child’s.  In the meantime let us all seek the abolition of religion and church.
1st January 2013

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