Monday, 30 November 2015

the Role of the Police in Modern Britain

The police, to add a metaphor, are dogs on a lead. Since the arrival and election of New Labour, and beyond, the police have been given such autocratic powers, and whatever orders they are given by the Home Secretary, obey like Hitler’s little puppies. We are told, quite laughably, that the police up and down the country are subject to the same laws as ourselves.  It would be interesting to explore this further.  Just take one example: PC Simon Harwood.  Ian Tomlinson was a hard-working father, and a good, decent human being but he is not anymore because he is dead. The PC is seen on camera throwing Mr. Tomlinson to the ground, and later died, but how did he die? We know the answer to that question.  He died of internal bleeding.  A direct result of Harwood’s actions, but we are told otherwise by the pathologist, Freddy Patel. This man, was, at the time, employed by the Home Office; the Home Office knew some rather disturbing things about him. The doctor had, in the past, made some grave errors, in diagnosing the causes of deaths, some very scandalous cases emerged involving children. But the Home Office, under New Labour, allowed the man to conclude that Mr.Tomlinson died from a heart attack.  A heart attack? Yes, indeed.  In actual fact, the man had died from internal bleeding.  We know this because this is what further pathologists concluded.  Because of this, Harwood could not be charged with manslaughter, yet he was seen on television throwing an innocent man to the ground.  Little has been said about the other police officers that observed this. 

How many people have been charged over the News of the World hacking scandal? Very few indeed, when in reality it should be hundreds, including police officers, and many of them.  But of course like many things in Britain all that has been hidden.  In fact, during the first investigation, led by John yates, concluded nothing, and appeared to investigate nothing. Public figures such as John Prescott often complained the police did not interview him as he was only one of the many victims of phone hacking. Rupert Murdoch was the police’s greatest ally. Yates also headed the investigation into “cash for honours”; same results.  It is often said public enquiries and investigations into people in high office are a scheming practice to hoodwink the public, this is largely true.  The police batter women at protests, infiltrate environmental protest movements, and have sex with the women, which some class as rape, murdering tens of people in custody with complete immunity from criminal prosecutions.  In sooth, what are the police?  That is not such a difficult question to answer.  On a regular basis, the police use violence, manipulation, and use propaganda to argue they are “protecting the public” and doing it for the purpose of “national security interests”.  The police, are, to use an analogy, assassins, hired by the mafia to subject innocent people to horrific violence, the government being the mafia, and the police being Hitler’s little poodles.  Of course, under the pretence of democracy the police can not subject men, women and children to horrific violence, just enough for them to get away with.

Because the police often act like thugs, T.V shows are constantly being made to indoctrinate their viewers into believing the police are just, moral and decent, and all they want to do is put bad people in prison.  When the police raid homes they subject people to a terrifying ordeal, on protest movements they act with such thuggery and violence, they constantly stop, search and harass people.  It ought to be the case because the police officers’ authority and extensive powers, their punishment ought to be different to the rest of society as they are in a unique position of trust.  The parents of Stephen Lawrence will long remember the disgrace of the police, as will the Irish that were terrorised by them in the 1980s, the Guildford  Four were wrongly imprisoned, as the police were astutely aware from the outset, they also refused to apologise to Barry George who spent nine years in prison for a murder he did not commit.  Instead of apologising the police said instead they would watch him like a hawk.  Yet when a police officer is killed the country goes into a crazed moral panic.  Bring back the death penalty, they say, allow police to have guns, and so on.  Giving a police officer a gun is akin to giving a terrorist a bomb.  As for the death penalty, by the mere mention of it, It presupposes the police are more worthy victims than anybody else.  They may as well be worshipped in Olympus along with Zeus and Hera.

Police constables are far less dangerous than their superiors, for these superiors do not often go for this thing called “justice”, but something else.  They, at every opportunity, push for the maximum sentence of their victims, even when they know the individual in question is innocent of any crime. They will lie, forge witness statements, lie and oath, giving the judge the justification to give defendants outrageous prison sentences. There appears to be no moral approach. It is also true the police work on targets; a terror that could strike the individual at any given time.

Now, the police, along with the Crown Prosecution service (CPS), are charging people with what we would call “thought crimes”, or what the Bush Administration would call “pre-emptive war”, attack them before they attack us. The astonishing and revealing thing about this is they need no evidence for such violence, which has been the hallmark of American foreign policy since 1945; there is little difference between the police. There is a crime which consists of the conspiracy to do this or the conspiracy to do that, in this regard, the police act within an autocratic framework,  these are not crimes at all. In the twentieth century British citizens are living in an open-air prison, and as for people released from prison, they are reduced to a fascist framework: they are removed from society completely.  Any criticism of the treatment of “offenders” is shot down by the Government, the media and other “responsible” organisations.

Britain is fast becoming a police state. There has emerged two registers which the police oversee.  Most famously or rather notoriously, there is the Sex Offenders Register (SOR), and the lesser known Violent Offenders Register, it is also known as VISOR (Violent and Sexual Offenders Register). These “offenders”, a favourite word used by the police, are visited by them on a regular basis but it is good, the public argue, because it protects the public. No, it does not.  In fact, one could argue it puts the public in greater danger at having these stringent controls in the first place.  

Now, due to court judgements, people subject to these registers can now appeal to be taken off them. The people responsible for taking them off this dreaded thing is not a judge as one may expect, but the police, which means, in reality, few, if any will ever be taken of these registers. A crime is committed, that person goes to jail, they are released, then subject to the most barbaric controls and it is the police that, potentially, dominate every aspect of their lives; where they stay, where they live, who they associate with, who their partner may be, and so on. Orwell would be very amazed if he saw modern Britain.
15th October, 2012


  1. Me and a Russian friend were discussing the alarming global trends. We're heading down a disastrous path, environmentally, economically, and freedom-wise. Dark days lie ahead...

  2. Me and a Russian friend were discussing the alarming global trends. We're heading down a disastrous path, environmentally, economically, and freedom-wise. Dark days lie ahead...