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It is commonly accepted today prostitutes living and breathing on the streets of Britain are in less than a harmonious state.  They are still referred to as “whores” by the intelligentsia and writers of all kinds.  The statistics on prostitutes walking down the street in this cruel and imperial island are not only shocking to many, but also totally criminal.  Statistics, of course, change from time to time, but to cite some from recent times will show its faithful enthusiasts often label the barbarity of the trade, as it is often labelled by its faithful enthusiasts. Up to 90% of “working girls” are dependent of the lethal drug, heroine; the average age a woman, or rather a child, begins as a prostitute, is just fourteen; upto 40% of the girls have been raped at least once, and these are just cases reported to the police. The statistics speak for themselves, as does the Government’s policy towards these poor girls. 

The government of its day in Britain, whatever government may be, is of little consequence and makes little difference what government is in power on legislation concerning this issue, and especially for the well-being of those girls.  What the beastly men in power are doing here is beyond grotesque: they are forcing young girls into the dangerous areas in cities across the country, making the event of terrible things happening to them more likely.  They are often beaten, raped, and even murdered because the Government would prefer them not to be around where all the “respectable” people live, so they are moved on to more gruesome areas.

They are, as George Orwell would refer to them as, unpeople or an unperson; they do not matter; they are of no significance, they do not influence the Government class-war agenda so they are left alone to suffer, to suffer alone, no doubt.  This is one kind of prostitution, we could be perverse and call it voluntary prostitution; there is some choice for many of these girls working in these horrendous circumstances, but if this was not macabre enough, there is a far darker element to prostitution, which is what we call forced prostitution, or sex-slaves, being trafficked from place to place.  For these girls, there is a heavy price if they refuse sex: they are raped, beaten and even tortured to such inhumane levels, that a commentary on the torture would appal many.

In a study by Oxford University’s Centre for Migration, policy and  Society (COMPAS), say children, and this is just children, leaving aside adults, 120,000 of them, children that is, are trafficked into the country for exploitation; that is staggering 1 in 100 children. That is a rate far higher than in the North American countries such as the United States or Canada.  Sex trafficking is more prevalent in Eastern Europe amongst teenage girls and adults, in Southeast Asia, child sex tourism is much more common, it is not hidden either, and men all over the western countries, as elsewhere, go to these countries for that purpose alone.  There was a European-led initiative to help prevent or at least limit sex trafficking throughout the continent, but Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown refused to take part, the only country to decline, and such brutes did not hide the reason either: they were against these victims staying in the country as immigrants, no, they would prefer horrific abuse to continue once again.  That, in essence, is the state's policy towards vulnerable children and women in the country, and outside it.

The process of trafficking young girls for sexual exploitation is truly horrific and is purposely kept out of the capitalist press, for if people knew, such barbaric practices would have to be stopped almost immediately.  Of course, the Government like to downplay the figures and statistics on these issues.  Indeed, it is important for people to know.  There are times, albeit seldom, that such things do reach the mainstream press, but then the following day the newspaper moves onto more mundane aspects of the “news”, such as the daily, infantile affairs of parliamentary politics, government reshuffles and so forth.  They do not like to tell their leaders’; girls’ from Eastern Europe are promised luxurious jobs in London, Paris, Madrid and so on, with a high wage.  It is a dream come-true for many of these impoverished young girls. The dream, however, is short lived.  Their passports are stolen, which can only be described as mobs and gangs, they are then kidnapped and ultimately “trained”; that is raped by large groups of men, usually Balkan and other Eastern European lunatics that traffic the girls, so they train them to have “sex” with perhaps 40 men a day, that is  raped 40 times a day.  Many of the girls are never seen again.  The girls either take their own lives because the abuse is so unbearable, others are killed because they no longer exist as a financial commodity to these criminal gangs, or they are just caught up in a cycle of abuse, which is impossible to escape from.

The girls are sold to those wild beasts, and have to pay back the “debt”.  However, unknown to them, the debt can never be paid off because it keeps rising and rising.  They employ similar tactics as a loan shark.  A friend of the girl or perhaps the girl’s boyfriend may be heavily in debt and they repay these gangs by taking their girlfriends’ or whoever it maybe, and selling her into sexual slavery.  It is the stuff of nightmares.  The practice could be abolished tomorrow, but for reasons, which only they know, states and governments around the world, would prefer such horrors to take place.  For they do nothing to stop them, and more, they do not even pretend to do so.

Such a thing could never happen to a daughter of a politician, a Monarch, a tyrant or whoever; it only happens to other people’s children.  Just like terrorists belong to distant lands, never our own, that is why we are able, or rather, they are able to break laws of every kind and keep people locked up, abused and mistreated for years on end.  Likewise, the electorate know this would never happen to their own children but we do not know the response of the electorate because the media continue to act in a criminal fashion and decide not to inform people of the facts.  By not informing them they are preventing people from acting on their empathetic impulses, and in turn, bear heavy responsibility for the suffering of these young girls.

A lot of it has to do with fanatical racism.  It is dressed up as “nationalism”, “patriotism”, and other such things.  “Charity starts at home”, is one of the most perverse phrases in the English language but what does it tell us about our society when men go out to rape these girls?  A phone call is all it takes to free them, that is all it takes.  For these men morality is made of sterner stuff.  Men and women can walk down the streets of New York, London, Sydney, Paris and wherever else, pretending such suffering does not exist, such people can do this for all eternity, and there are a small minority of people who do know. The people who laugh and joke about it have less ethics than government itself.

 It is true, there is a third kind of prostitution. It is, like the first, voluntary, but does not take place in dark and seedy street corners.  It takes place in “brothels”, “massage parlours” and other places.  Many of the girls’ call themselves “escorts”.  They are often young and attractive young women, and come from all parts of the globe.  They are in safe and luxurious apartments, neither are they forced into this type of work and they even refuse clients if they wish because they often work alone, for themselves. This is a more preferable form of prostitution. However, once again in Britain, successive governments have undermined such practices.  The premises where the girls work are often the target of the police and ultimately the premise closes, due to draconian licence laws and harsh practices.  These women are then pushed into the streets, to live a life of misery and agony because the treasury would like to robs the pockets of all its citizens (apart from the richest ones, where opposite rules apply).  They do this, and still have an obnoxious smile on their faces.

If only these girls were left to their own devices and lead lives through self-determination, and without government interference.  Indeed, so what the Government should be doing is taking these girls from the streets and putting them in safe shelter to work in a safe environment where they can be looked after.  They should see that the girls get urgent help with drug addiction and other problems.  Many of the girls come from the most hopeless of backgrounds.  A certain amount of them have been in care, prison, been subject to child abuse; they really ought to be offered counselling.  These suggestions are not even debated, let alone implemented.  They are not made because the state, in all its recidivism sees the girls’ as unpeople.  It is the current fashion for governments to pretend to care about people’s lives.  If it was not such a serious matter, we should all die of laughter. 

So it is up to charities and volunteer groups to help these girls, and for Human Rights groups, such as Amnesty International, to document such abuses and highlighting the savagery of sexual slavery.  In fact Amnesty have been campaigning for some years on this issue but the media often ignore these organisations, when it suits their interests to do so.  The public ought to be forced to hear such horrific stories of abuse and their struggle; their experiences must be documented, until this happens nothing, absolutely nothing will progress.  The media will continue to be loyal servants to the state.  In the meantime, young girls in many parts of the world are screaming for their lives as they are raped night after night, in some dark, alien world somewhere. Such girls may never see freedom, humanity, affection, love or happiness again

16th November 2012

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  1. I like your story John. I just need to get back with the particulars to you.

    This is your strongest essay (that I've read) in my opinion. With out a doubt. It covers a little bit of all of your views; but focuses on one important topic, in an extremely passionate and caring manner, all the while retaining logical coherence. Well done friend, well done.