Thursday, 19 November 2015

We Are All Conservatives Now

British values have changed immensely over the past twenty years or so.  The country’s residents have little time for liberalism, as do New Labour and all the other mainstream political parties.  The media likewise often attack any view, which is not conservative and right wing.  One would have to think long and hard to give an example of a single country which does not have a left-leaning mainstream political party.  Even the United States differ in this respect.  Many see Barack Obama as recycling George Bush’s policies, but there are vast differences in policy.  The Republican party have gone ultra-right wing, largely to show Obama they can be more belligerent than him. For the moment, at least, the Democrats have a more favourable policy with immigration; they have a much more reasonable view of welfare recipients and so-called health care reforms.  It would be quite impossible to be more unreasonable than the Republicans, who for many are a group of extreme fanatics, who put business and profit before anything else.

However, in Britain you could not divide the two mainstream political parties, or indeed three of them.  There is a little known story concerning the Liberal democrats, six years before the 2010 election, a new book was edited by David Laws and Paul Marshall, and it is called the Orange Book.  In this book then prominent Liberal Democrats put emphasis on the markets, and how best to be elected, to move more to the right, which is exactly what the Liberal democrats did.  Labour, on the hand, does not even hide how far to the right they have gone.

It is simple if you look at the policies of the two parties, they are almost identical.  Take any area of policy.  Under what is named ‘justice’, Labour and the Conservatives only differ slightly.  Actually, laughably, labour are more to the right in this area than the Tories themselves.  It was the Blair government which introduced the IPPs, an acronym which is not very well known at all.  It stands for Imprisonment for Public Protection, in other words, an individual can be imprisoned for as long as the parole board and probation officers’ like, and if they have no desire to release him or indeed her, they will not be released.  Even if they are released, and there is no guarantee that there will be, they still will be technically serving a life sentence, or at least, have the potential to do so.  For they are placed on licence or a probationary period for a minimum of ten years, and it also has to be added, many of the offences are relatively minor.  The Conservatives have successfully overturned this policy.

Under Labour Britain had the biggest prison population in Europe, children were even being sent to jails, under Jack Straw’s legislation, it was made far easier to be convicted for rape, of which many innocent men were going to prison on trumped up rape charges, languishing on the Sex Offender’s Register for the rest of their lives.

Labour also started the privatisation of the NHS, the Conservatives continued to privatise it; one in three schools, in the hands of the same Government, became faith schools, again, the Conservatives are just as keen on faith schools, in essence, denying children the liberty to think for themselves; the failed work programs Thatcher introduced, were re-introduced by Blair and Brown, and the same system has been introduced by David Cameron; many civil liberties were removed, a kind of autocracy was taking place, terrifying the public with fear tactics from time to time, “the rules have changed”, said Blair after the attacks on the underground tube trains in 2005,  criminal record checks were demanded anywhere and everywhere, mercilessly, Labour created the ultimate Big Brother society, the Tories are having to evolve where Labour left off.  It is no secret Blair and Brown evolved Thatcher’s free market fundamentalism.  There is no freedom under the free market, only terror.  A one party state with three factions, one may add.

During his tenure in office, Tony Blair was acting as the virtual Foreign Secretary, as well as Prime Minister. During this time, his allies included Silvio Berlusconi, Vladimir Putin, George.W.Bush, Ariel Sharon, John Howard, Muammar Gaddafi, the royal family in Saudi Arabia, amongst many others.  Berlusconi was first elected Prime Minister of Italy in 1994, he was there on and off until 2012.  He was unquestionably on the right, and once called all Germans Nazis; his links with Fascism have been difficult for him to shake off.  Many of his cabinet Ministers were even former Fascists.  His immigration policy was particularly scandalous.  Many asylum seekers coming to Italy were sent to detention centres-virtual concentration camps-in Libya.  This was one of Blair’s most cherished allies, Mr. Blair, so the public would have it, was a man of the left. His wife even called him a socialist.

Vladimir Putin is a far more disgraceful character from the arena of world politics.  Putin is responsible for some of the worst bloodshed seen in Europe in the 21st century.  The second Chechen war saw thousands massacred, all with the acquiescence of Tony Blair.  Innocent men were tortured in the most barbaric fashion, women systematically ravaged, and children were not spared the slaughter.  Putin, a man, who turned Russia into a Stalinist state once again, Stalin, has many similarities with Blair.

George.W.Bush was ultra-right wing, even more so than his predecessor, Bill Clinton.  Bush ran his government like a CEO executive, and the people around him were neo-liberal fanatics, who saw everything in terms of profits and offered a taste of Freedmanesque economics.  Blair was proud to turn Iraq into a bloodbath, for Blair is one of those free market fundamentalists who believes in profit over people.  He was certainly at home with his number one ally, Mr. Bush.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, was a different kettle of fish.  Along with Thatcher, he was Blair’s major influence.  Clinton’s onslaught of the welfare state, particularly single mothers, pleased Blair emphatically. The secret bombing in Iraq, the indiscriminate, and by UN definition, illegal bombing of Yugoslavia, Bill Clinton’s love for arming the biggest mass murderer since Hitler, General Suharto, bombing a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, which according to Human Rights Watch, the only organisation that could be bothered to investigate it, said Clinton’s actions cost thousands of lives.

Blair’s love affair with the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, is grotesque in every way.  Because of Blair’s support for Israeli-backed terror, more Palestinians were subject to the kind of terror that is both sickening and gruesome.  Not on one occasion did Blair condemn Israel for their continual terror.  Ariel Sharon, a man who was responsible for massacres in the 1980s when he was the Defence Minister, and before that, in the 1950s, when he was a general, he ordered the killing of civilians and the destruction of refugee camps.  Mr. Blair, a man of the left indeed.

Left and right no longer exist in Britain.  Instead, we have terms intended to fool the population. We hear terms like “hard-left”, “centre-left”, “mildly right wing”, “extremist”, “conservative”, “liberals”, and so on.  It is not difficult to decode those frivolous phrases.  “Hard-left” "socialist", and all the other terms just refer to right wingers, we need those terms to fool the general population into believing the country is not a one state ideology.

When you look at the media, it is even more intriguing.  The guardian, which paints itself as a paper of the left, has shifted vastly towards the right.  The paper is liberal at the very least.  Simon Jenkins, a columnist for the paper, was once an editor for the Murdoch press and referred to himself as an “enthusiastic Thatcherite”; Timothy Garton-Ash, another contributor to the newspaper, was once a journalist for the right wing periodicals, the Spectator, he was referred to a former journalist at the guardian as the “in house lunatic” at the guardian. Polly Toynbee, Zoe Williams and Madeleine Bunting are supine liberals. Jonathan Freedland, the crypto-racist and supporter of Israeli ethnic cleansing, is the worst of the lot. 

The country is shifting into dark times, a fascist mentality already present; one should not be surprised at what happens next.

17th October 2012

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