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State Terrorism

I class state terrorism in three categories, the first of these are elite terror states. These are the worst kind. The second sort of terror states are the ones that take part in it, fund it, support to a lesser degree, but their main purpose is to use terror effectively. The third kind, are the least violent of the criminal states, they nonetheless still take part in state terror, for every state does to some degree, and these countries, whom many believe to be innocent are still guilty of supporting other barbarities abroad.

Let us first look at the most serious charge of elite terror states. Who have been these elite terror states in the 20th century? Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Britain, France, Israel, and others. All of these countries, at the present time, have, what people generally call “democracies”. By democracy I mean a process where a certain number of people in a country vote for a “candidate”, and then the voter sits idly by for four or five years while the “candidate” they voted for and rest of parliament put the power in the hands of executives, allowing the electorate no say whatsoever, and in the meantime, have their basic rights slowly whittled away, this is what people call democracy, and everybody is foolish enough to believe it.

State terror in Russia, certainly since the Russian coup in 1917, is well known, it is also well known fascism was prevalent in Nazi Germany, Japan during the same period, Italy, Spain, China and others. In Israel, Britain and the U.S it is well hidden. But today, in the 21st century, we still have these elite terror states. The United States launched terror campaigns against Iraq, Afghanistan, and give huge amounts in military aid to another  elite terror state, Israel, and they terrorise their own people, like all governments do to some degree and nobody talks about it. Their prisons are more like dungeons. Prisoners are subjected to all kinds of abuse such including beatings, rape, stabbings, murder and so on. The people who are given outrageous sentences for minor “offences” are often innocent of any wrong doing. These poor people are given indeterminate prison terms, and may never be released, they lock up and execute people who are mentally ill, all this is geared at making stupendous profit out of people’s misery. So the prisoner becomes a commodity, a commodity in which they are exploited to the maximum degree. The country holds “detainees” without even charging them for years on end, many are innocent, they use torture, and the CIA function as a tool of American foreign policy, as well as domestic policy, who are an international terrorist organisation.

In Britain the story is similar. The state supported the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, still refusing to let people of Diego Garcia return home. Britain removed these people as to allow a military base take their place. They persistently arm repressive regimes, as well as funding terrorism. At home people in Britain are also subjected to this terror. The prisons are bad enough but the prison laws are designed to imprison innocent people,  and they know it. When alleged victims retract their statements at the Crown Prosecution Service, they proceed ahead anyway, and when people are released they are subject to Kafkaesque conditions. Many of these restrictions are placed upon them for the rest of their lives. Protest groups, environmentalists, anti-fascists and so on are put on registers and national databases, the police work undercover with these movements, inducing them to commit crimes so they can lock them up, these terrible things amongst hundreds of other go on and on.

A favourite hobby of the state of Israel is to abuse, harass, torture, rape, murder and bomb the West Bank, Gaza and neighbouring countries. In the 21st century they still occupy these poor Palestinians, this is known amongst many, but what is lesser known is the apartheid system prevalent there. Palestinians, by law, spend longer in prisons for committing the same crimes as Israelis, they are routinely tortured, even children, and are given Orwellian trials, their homes, if they have one, seldom have regular electricity, hot running water and a lot more besides. These are “two-legged beasts”, to quote Menachem Begin, a former Israeli Prime Minister.

A kind of state terror has developed over Europe, these are amongst the more “civilised” and advanced nations, so we are told. This state terror is aimed primarily at its own people. This state terror comes in the form of “austerity cuts” or “austerity drive”. The terror is not tangible; it can not be seen. For it is not the sort of state terror where physical violence is used; it is far worse than that. The terror is a financial one. So when people’s wages are being cut, they are forcing their living standards down, forcing them out of properties in which they live. This has happened before in advanced countries, but what has not happened is large numbers of people belonging to these places having had their lives destroyed forever. They are now living in countries that are in perpetual bondage to financial institutions. But it is a mistake to think everybody in these societies are forced with this terror; they are not. It is the people who can barely afford to feed their own family, so now they are being driven into third world status, whilst the most wealthiest and privileged make even more profit. This is the free market in all its glory.  The protests, the demonstrations and campaigns are met with utter barbarity.  These people no longer exist as far as the state is concerned; they have become unpeople.

What this amounts to is economic warfare, and for the people that have the temerity to fight back may spend years in prison. People seeking asylum and refuge undergo even greater barbarism than before, they are put in detention camps, they are separated from their children and family, and when they are guaranteed citizenship they are placed in the most hideous slums where they are subject to racial attacks, violence, neighbours often smash their windows, play their stereos all night long, it is a sort of terror that has been imposed on them by these governments.

Another target of the so-called “austerity drive” are the disabled, the sick, the infirm, the unemployed, single parents and young people. They have their benefits slashed, the disabled are forced to hunt for work, as are the mentally ill. And what if they refuse? Their benefits are removed and they inevitably, in time, become homeless, rendering them an unperson. Yet such barbaric behaviour is accepted by the majority. It is true everything the government does is conducted through terror. That is why it must be conceded every state is a terror state, and its biggest enemy are the people it claims to represent.

The biggest wars they fight is also against their own people; it is called class war. The state has a deep-seated passion to drive wages down, increase inflation and stop the poor and needy from voting. The formula is simple: if they can get such people stop voting they then can implement what oppressive or repressive laws they see fit because it will have no effect at all on the ruling party. They force all these poor, miserable and wretched people into the most appalling areas.  There is no such thing as a rich country; there is such a thing as an elite extremely rich club running the country turning most of it into a third world nightmare.  No individual deserves to be born in shackle, invisible shackles, yet each of us are.

We are born into bondage to the state. Men, women and children can only gain freedom when the state no longer exists. The terror of not knowing whether the police are going to knock your door down and arrest you for doing absolutely nothing, being imprisoned for many years, the state has control over each and every one of us, freedom is just a dream, maybe it will emerge one day, but that day, if it does arrive, is a long way of. How long will people endure this prolonged terror? That is an interesting question which is impossible to answer because in sooth nobody really knows.

We are all terrorists, we all pay our taxes and these taxes fund state terror, and for those who support state terror are willing terrorists. If individuals refuse to fund this terror, that is, they refuse to pay taxes, the state sends them to prison. That is the only way to avoid funding such terror. Even for people who do not work, the same principle applies. They are receiving money from terror and robbery through taxes. But the state is everywhere; we can not escape it. Everything we do is restricted by these unnatural laws. “The law is an ass”, said Charles Dickens”, it is an ass and so much besides. These members of Parliament are the foulest criminals in society, who like to impose these repressive laws, while at the same time applauding our democratic values.

Yet people believe such trash. Is existence just a nightmare? Something worse perhaps. This savagery at times does seem to be too monstrous to be true. It is true and so we must begin by disobeying the state. We should do this by doing a number of things; (1) Refuse to pay taxes; (2) Pull your children out of state-funded schools; (3) Reject all manmade laws, and only adhere to natural and universal law; (4) Reject all forms of all (unjustified) authority; (5) Do not vote, and if need be, pay people money not to vote; (6) Boycott government properties such as hospitals, libraries and colleges; (7)Organise meetings in your local community, and create your own laws based on solidarity and mutual agreement and disregard the laws of the state; (8) Do not work for the public sector (9) Do not use the emergency services, set up your own in the local community; (10) Draw up your own mandate, principles to live by. Not in my lifetime will people take this very seriously, but there will be a time when they will, and when they do, you can say I was there, and count yourselves as one of the lucky ones.

7th January, 2013

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  1. Edward Bernays style Propaganda from the State-Corporate Complex has molded people into accepting the things about which you write. Fortunately, many folks are beginning to see through the falsehoods & manipulation put out by private & public Oligarchs. Kudos to you for aiding in that regard. Happy Trails